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Doh! The Most Disastrous E-Mail MistakesWant some light entertainment? Check out our readers’ true tales of e-mail faux pas, and find out how to prevent them from happening to you. Robert Luhn What’s in an e-mail? Potential disaster, that’s what. With the click of a mouse, you can accidentally broadcast that torrid note to 200 coworkers, forward a catty message about your boss to your boss, or send several thousand customer credit card numbers to, um, the journalist writing this story. There are probably 8 million similar stories in the Naked Internet. PC World invited readers to share their most embarrassing moments (or somebody else’s). Gathered here are ten tales of e-mail gone awry that will make you think twice before clicking Send. In fact, after reading these cringeworthy confessions, you may want to toss your PC and go back to carrier pigeons. Or clay tablets. The following stories show just how mortifying (and funny) errant e-mail can be.

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