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How can I Find Inexpensive Health Insurance

Simon Davis Posted

How can I Find Inexpensive Health Insurance

Ken Lyn


With so many people losing their jobs today, the number of Americans without health insurance is skyrocketing. Even those who are employed may be at risk of losing their health insurance due to company cut backs and lower spending on company “perks.”

Whether due to job loss or lack of employer sponsored plans, there are now over 42 million uninsured Americans today – and the number continues to rise.


If you are seeking inexpensive health insurance, there are many options available to you. It may take some research, but it could be well worth the time to find the best plan for your specific situation.

Research Your Options

Certainly one way to locate an inexpensive health insurance plan is to simply research individual and family health insurance policies from several different companies. Even when comparing “apples to apples,” you will find that policy premiums can vary a great deal from one to another.

A great way to keep your health insurance plan inexpensive is by getting a policy with a high deductible. The tradeoff is that you will need to pay more if or when you need services. However, the higher the deductible, the lower your premium is likely to be.

Another way to obtain inexpensive health insurance via the traditional insurance companies is by living a more healthy lifestyle. By eating right, not smoking, and exercising regularly, you are seen as less of a risk to the insurance company and are likely to be in the Standard or the Preferred category. This will keep your premiums lower than those of an insured in the Sub-standard category.

The internet is another good place to research and locate an inexpensive health insurance policy. Many internet websites will give you a comparison of different health insurance plans. Generally you will be asked to enter specific information on the website. Within a short amount of time, the site will give you several policy options.

It is important to read the fine print before purchasing. Don’t just blindly purchase the most inexpensive health insurance policy on the list. You will first need to make sure of what the policy covers and if there are any exclusions listed in the plan.

Purchasing a short term health insurance policy is another option for inexpensive health insurance. If you are between jobs or will be obtaining another policy in the near future, short term health insurance can help you to inexpensively cover the “gap.” Since you will be covered for only a short period of time, the premiums tend to be lower. Having an inexpensive short term health insurance plan will also give you time to examine other possible health insurance choices for the future.

If you are a member of a professional organization, alumni association, or other similar group, you may be entitled to an inexpensive health insurance plan through the group. Many people do not realize that such groups offer insurance. Rates are typically lower due to the group discount. If you are not a member of such a group, you may want to consider joining one that offers inexpensive health insurance in order to obtain coverage.

You could also obtain information on where to find inexpensive health insurance by visiting a local public health clinic in your area. These clinics are often very good resources for this type of information. In addition, the clinic may even refer you to a patient services representative who can assist further with your search for such coverage.

Your local social services office is another potential resource for finding inexpensive health insurance. The representatives at these offices will be able to provide you with specific information such as phone numbers, websites, and offices where you may obtain the insurance you are seeking.

There are also places that actually specialize in helping you to locate inexpensive health insurance coverage. These include the Healthcare Advocacy, the Patient Advocate Foundation, and Patient Services Incorporated.

Government Programs

There are a number of government programs that also provide free or inexpensive health insurance coverage. For example, you and / or your children may qualify for Medicaid. Although Medicaid is a national program, each individual state sets the eligibility requirements. Depending on your income, even if you don’t qualify now, you could qualify in the future.For more on this article, GO TO:

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