How Can I Mask My IP Address And Become Untraceable Online?

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1 Answer

Before I try to answer your question, I need to explain some basic things about the internet. Your IP address is, well, your address on the internet. It is the only thing that allows “packets” (small sections of internet traffic) to get back to you (well, ports are important, too, but that's pretty close to the IP address). By literally masking your IP address, which would be possible with some command line tools in Linux, you would be unable to receive replies to any traffic you sent. So, you could literally remove your IP, however while you could, for example, send a request for the contents of amazon.com, you would *never* get a reply back. There are some things you can do to protect your IP address. One is to use Proxies (proxy.org has a list). However, you are giving the proxy your IP address, which you might not want. Your second option - and the much better one - is to use TOR (“The Oni
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