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How can I rid my dog of fleas at home?

Krikka Tukka134 Posted Fanni Too edited answer

How can I rid my dog of fleas at home?

Fanni Too85 Fanni Too edited answer

Constant pruritus is the least problem a flea faces in a dog. There are more serious problems:
Fleas carry parasites: cucumber tapeworm and other worms.
Fleas carry diseases: salmonellosis, brucellosis, plague.
Flea allergy. Due to flea saliva in a dog, dermatitis can begin, hair will fall out.
To prevent the risk of disease and its consequences, do not forget to vaccinate the dog every year.
The main symptom of fleas is when the dog itches in different places. It’s in different ones, because if a dog scratches, say, only an ear, it can be a tick or something else. Fleas bite everywhere. If you pet the dog against the coat, you will notice white and black crumbs – these are flea eggs and excrement. Every fourth dog has a flea allergy. Its symptoms: dermatitis, scabies on the skin, hair loss, especially in the abdomen, armpits and groin. Therefore, it is very important to take all necessary measures during time. For example, I bought for my pet one of the best flea collars on Bayer Seresto collar This is the safest way to get a flea out of a dog at home. Suitable for daily prophylaxis. This is a common collar that contains insect repellents. Gradually, these funds surround the dog with a protective layer.

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Fleas, which are ectoparasites, are seasonal in nature, the likelihood of infection increases significantly with warming. And it is very important at this time to treat dogs from fleas. If this is not done, there is a chance to expose the dog to danger, because fleas carry all kinds of parasites.

Frank Davis

Fleas are parasitic blood-sucking insects known to almost every person. They cause considerable harm to pets, but a person can bring a lot of trouble. Despite the fact that these nasty bitters can not fly, they can jump high and far – which contributes to their rapid spread throughout the home.

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