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How did world war one affect austria hungary?


How did world war one affect austria hungary?


World War One wrecked the Austrian-Hungarian Empire – – – reducing it to its component parts as parts of the Empire demanded & received independence. The Emperor was forced to abdicate and what was left of Austria experimented with socialism & democracy in unequal parts.. Gonna now resort to cut and paste but be assured I do know this topic well… “”AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE BREAKS UP INTO REPUBLICS Defeat for the Austro-Hungarian armies on the battlefields of the First World War and mutinies and rebellions at home caused the Austro-Hungarian Empire to suddenly and dramatically break up. In October 1918, the Czechs proclaimed themselves independent in Prague; the Hungarian government announced its complete separation from Austria in November, and in the same month both Austria and Hungary signed armistices with the Allied armies. By mid November 1918, the last Habsburg Emperor

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