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How do I dress like someone from Jersey Shore for Halloween?

dress Halloween Jersey shore
Bree Starr Posted

How do I dress like someone from Jersey Shore for Halloween?

Amy Turman

Jersey Shore is the biggest thing to hit reality TV so naturally, people will be curious as to how to dress like them. Jersey Shore Halloween costumes are actually the most popular costumes for 2010. Here are the top 3 Jersey Shore Costumes:

Dress like Snooki for Halloween


The signature "Snooki" piece for your Halloween costume will definitely be her signature hair poof. Halloween stores carry Snooki’s poof as a wig. To finish the look, buy a short, tight dress and some oversized sunglasses. If you are tall, try to wear flip flops since Snooki is less than 5 ft tall. Finally, make sure to get a great spray tan. If your costume is aiming to be more comical, maybe even buy your make-up in a few shades too dark for the evening to get the orange glow.

Dress like Pauly D for HalloweenPauly D

"It’s t-shirt time!" Pauly D is known for his stiff spikes, tattoos, and bling. In order to pull off Pauly D it is important to get the perfect hair-do. Halloween stores are also carrying Pauly D’s signature spikes in wig form! Make sure to manicure your eyebrows, gentlemen, and put on your best chain necklace and diamond earrings. You even want to try some fake tattoos to give the look some authenticity. Pauly D always wears designer jeans and a great t-shirt. If you’re looking to spend money, go to your local Ed Hardy store, buy just about anything there, and you’ll look like Pauly D.

Dress like the situation for halloweenMike "The Situation"

We’ve got a situation in here! The Situation’s signature pieces are his faux hawk and his abs (and he’ll even tell you that and probably show you). Ironically enough, you can even buy The Situation’s abs at your local Halloween store. Use some stiff gel to maneuver your hair into a faux hawk. Like Pauly D, you need to look expensive. Wear a gold chain and a nice watch with some designer jeans and a great t-shirt. The Situation is even known to wear a snazzy vest from time to time.

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