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How do I find good categories to follow and ask questions in on Experts123?


How do I find good categories to follow and ask questions in on Experts123?

Frank Bell81

To ask questions you can add a topic even if its not there.  (we ended up standardizing on the topic naming convention instead of category).    If the topic is new then it is sent onto Community Administrators to verify.

The easiest way to Follow a Topic currently is through searching for questions and then clicking through to the topic.  Once on the Topic page itself you will always see a “Follow Topic” green button in the upper right.  Once you click on that it goes into your main home page feed and you will all updates on the topics you are following.

***We are working on functionality where users with higher levels of points can more easily search or create topics.  Right now its a higher level Community Administrator privilege.  Also, we are working on some topics having additional functionality where more advanced features will available to a topic.  (for example, some topics might have a video section or advertisers)

If there is a specific topic that you want to write on you can just create an article as well and add it now.  It goes through a similar process if the topic was added to a question.  If you have further specific questions you didn’t want to post to the site you can email us at

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