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How do I provide estricted access to a Sub-Account holders?

HOLDERS sub-account

Suppose that you want to provide access to data within your account to two associates such that Associate 1 has access to all data except two folders (say cash records and employee records) and Associate 2 has access to only two folders (say Correspondence and Maintenance). First, create a Sub-Account for Associate 1, say Secretary1. Create a top-level folder called Secretary1. Keep all your folders under Secretary1 except those to which you do not want to give access. Define Secretary1 as the home folder for Secretary1 Sub-Account. Next, create a folder, say Associate 2. Map this folder as home folder to provide access to Associate 2, say Secretary 2. Under this folder, move the two folders (Correspondence and Maintenance) You can now provide access to this Sub-Account (Secretary2) to the other associate.

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