How do I replace a universal joint on a Chevy S-10 truck?

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there are two clips you will be able to see on opposite ends of the joint you need to take needle nose plyers and squeeze the clips and remove them, once the clips are removed you will have to beat out the needle bearing caps, in order to do this take the two ends that did not have a clip in them and beat the piss out of them with a hammer untill the cap comes out of one side then turn it over and do the same thing untill the cap comes out of the other side you should then have and open yoke and a removed u joint. when putting in the new one be very carefull when removing the new caps there are lots of needle bearings inside that will fall over and you will be screwed. So take the caps off of opposite ends of the new joint and put the joint into the yoke then put the yoke in a bench vice and press the new caps into place. the caps will only go flush with the yoke so i used a socket and a hammer to drop them the last quarter inch then insert the new clips and your done. i hope this is ... more
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