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How do I turn my Facebook album into a Slideshow?

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How do I turn my Facebook album into a Slideshow?


Now you can turn your albums on Facebook into cool Slideshows to display on your profile! To get started, just follow these steps: • Login to www.facebook.comand click on ‘Applications’ on the left • Click on ‘Browse more applications’ in the upper right hand corner • Under ‘Search app’, enter ‘Slide’ • Click on the Slide application to install • Once the application has been installed, you’ll be taken to a page that displays all of your Facebook albums. Click on ‘Customize Slideshow’ to add cool effects like Music, Themes, Skins and Styles • Check the ‘Show on Profile’ box under the album you want to display on your Facebook profile • Show off your new Slideshow to your Facebook friends! Click on ‘Share’ in the upper right hand corner and type in the name of the friends you’d like to send your Slideshow to.


You can easily create photo slideshow from your Facebook albums.There is no need to upload photos to any other web service just to make a slideshow from your Facebook albums. is a useful Facebook app that does just the same.Using this you can convert your Facebook albums to  a customizable photo slideshow in minutes see Example ( ).No registrations or sign ups are required and you just need to connect your Facebook account with the app.


Open your facebook account photos and you will see a download option at the end now download your album and use any picture editing software ( Photo Editor) and make a slide show of the album

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