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How do mining companies go about mining for gold?

companies gold mining

How do mining companies go about mining for gold?


There are two main forms of mining practiced by large scale mining companies, these being surface and underground mining.


The process usually starts with very small mining companies called junior exploration. That’s typically two people with PhDs in geology who worked for big mining companies for a number of years. They usually have a part-time secretary, a part-time lawyer, and a part-time accountant.

Then they look at a geologic map of the world and see lots of places that are totally obvious. That’s because, with modern mining technology, you can extract gold economically from just about any kind of rock. It just need to have gold in concentrations slightly above background levels.

When a place where there is a potential gold Deposit, you can send different machines for gold mining and equip the mine. You can learn more about the production of such gold mining machines here –

In general, this is a very complex process that whole teams are engaged in

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