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How do you avoid anesthesia claims denials?

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Bradley Layne25

How do you avoid anesthesia claims denials?

M. Skov30

Anesthesia billing is more complex than other fields in healthcare as it involves several documentation records such as pre-operative review, anesthesia sheet, and post-operative review. Here are some tips to prevent claims denials. 

  • Make sure to document the start and stop times. It is a compulsory step, and billers should abide by the guidelines set by every insurance company in calculating time units. 
  • Report time and base unit accurately. Reporting the numeric values of the Anesthesia procedural code, as well as the total time spent on the procedure by the minute is crucial to getting your claims approved the first time.
  • Use modifiers to provide extra info on the procedural coder. 
  • Use the correct ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes to provide clear information on the procedure performed.

Anesthesia procedures are costly and it’s important to get paid right for every service your facility has delivered. If you need help with anesthesia billing, visit the link.

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