How Do You Clean Basement Mold In A Cinder Block Foundation?

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If you've got mold and mildew growing on your cinderblock basement walls, you could have a serious water seepage problem that should be inspected. In the meantime, you should get rid of the mold, which can cause evil smells througout your house and even pose a health hazard. Don't brush it off the wall dry, as mold releases spores when disturbed. You need to first kill it with a bleach agent before removing it. In the spray bottle, mix a 50-50 solution of bleach and water. Wear your rubber gloves while funneling the bleach into the bottle. Open doors and windows to the basement to ventilate it. With the spray bottle, thoroughly soak the affected area. Just for good measure, spray adjacent areas where you don't see mold. Refill the spray bottle with bleach solution as necessary. Leave the area. Wait an hour, then come back and repeat the process. Wait another hour. In your bucket, mix one gallon of cold water with a half cup of bleach. Wearing your rubber gloves, use the brush to ... more
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