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How Do You Clean The Outside Of Calphalon Cookware?


How Do You Clean The Outside Of Calphalon Cookware?


Keep Calphalon cookware looking new by cleaning away burnt food that’s stuck to the exterior. The manufacturer of Calphalon pots and pans suggests avoiding the use of abrasive materials when cleaning the cookware to reduce the chances of damaging the product’s polished or enameled finish. Soaking the pans overnight in soapy water will gently break up the sticky, burnt-on grease. Treat all of your Calphalon cookware to a gentle cleaning and they will conduct heat as well as the first day you used them. Place the Calphalon cookware into a sink or tub that is deep enough to totally submerge the pot or pan. Fill the tub or sink with the hottest water you can get from your faucet. Add water until the cookware’s exterior is submerged in water. Pour half of the dishwasher soap powder or liquid into the water and use a whisk or electric hand blender to thoroughly mix the soap into the hot water. Avoid brands such Palmolive or Dawn, which are used for hand washing dishes, because they are not c

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