How Do You Install A New PVC P-Trap For A Bathroom Sink?

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1 Answer

The P-trap connected to your bathroom sink is designed to prevent clogs from happening further down your home's main drain line. Most often, you can remove clogs with a plunger or cleaning the P-trap. However, you may need to install a new PVC P-trap because of damage to the existing P-trap or a sludge build-up that can't be removed. Set a bucket underneath the P- trap to catch water inside the trap. Use a bucket small enough that will not effect you working on the pipes but large enough to capture about 2 cups of residual water. Disconnect the upper connection of the P-trap where it connects to the sink drain. Use channel-lock pliers to turn the attaching slip nut counter-clockwise to release the P-trap from the sink drain. Remove the other end of the P-trap from the main drain line protruding from the wall. Using the channel lock pliers, turn the slip nut counter-clockwise to disconnect the P-trap from the drain line. Empty any water that remains in the P-trap into the bucket. ... more
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