How Do You Make A Toy Car Out Of Household Items?

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1 Answer

Making a toy car out of ordinary household items is a great way to teach your child how to recycle things you would normally throw away. This will instill a sense of pride in knowing she is helping to protect our environment for future generations. Making this toy car is an easy craft project and your child will be delighted that he is able to make it on his own. This is a wonderful way for a family to spend an evening together and then they can to conduct races with their individual cars. Decorate an empty soap box by using the colored tape to make racing stripes and the applying the number stickers, according to the Disney Family Fun website. Use a sharpened pencil to make axle holes in each end of the box where the axles would go on a car. Make sure the holes are even on each side of the box, so that when you push the wooden skewer through the car and attach the wheels, it will sit evenly. Place the wooden skewers through the holes to form the car axles. Glue the wooden balls onto ... more
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