How Do You Make A Toy Car Out Of Recycled Material?

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1 Answer

Reusing or repurposing materials that would otherwise be tossed away is not only a way to help the environment, it's a creative challenge. By making a toy car model using a plastic pop bottle and bottle caps--materials found in almost any recycle bin--you can also create something that will last for quite some time to come. The car is a useful project for teaching resourcefulness and sustainability. Prepare the bottle. Wash it thoroughly, remove the label and screw the lid tightly in place. Rub down the plastic with fine-grain sandpaper; this will help the paint adhere evenly later. Cut the beverage bottle open to form the shape of the car's cabin. Use a craft knife to cut out a rectangle shape in the side of the bottle to create an open-top, convertible-style car. Glue sections of straws to the underside of the cabin using hot glue; these will allow the wheels to spin when the spokes are threaded through them. Cut straws into sections about 3/4 inch long and glue them on the side of ... more
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