How Do You Make An Angelina Ballerina Costume?


How Do You Make An Angelina Ballerina Costume?

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Dressing like Angelina Ballerina is a simple, popular Halloween costume for young girls who enjoy ballet.

Angelina Ballerina Halloween CostumeFirst you want to get a pink ballet tutu. You can buy a pink leotard and a tutu separately at a local discount dance store, or make your own tutu with some tulle.

Next, tie your hair in a bun with a pink bow. This is a signature part of Angelina Ballerina’s costume.

Buy a pair of pink ballet slippers. These can be either real slippers or some pink flats that look like ballet slippers.

Add your tail, ears, and whiskers. Your tail you can make from rolling up fabric in a thin line. Your ears you can use left over fabric and cardboard; mold them on top of a head band. Draw your whiskers on with some face crayons.


Angelina Ballerina, or Angelina Mouseling, is a mouse who loves to dance ballet. Created by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig, Angelina Ballerina was first a book series and is now a TV series. And Angelina Ballerina can be a cute, easy costume as well. Angelina Ballerina is a white mouse, so wear a white long-sleeved shirt, white tights, and white gloves. For ears, buy a thin, neutral-colored headband and pink and white paper at the dollar store. Cut out large white ears and smaller pink ears. Glue the pink ears on the white ears to make the inner ear. Make Angelina’s tail by inflating a long, white balloon (the kind used to make balloon animals) and tying it around your waist with string. Another option is to pin a stuffed white tube sock to your costume. With makeup draw three white whiskers on each cheek and a pink nose. Finish the costume with a pink leotard, pink tutu, and pink ballet slippers. Tie a pink bow in your hair, or tie or glue it to the headband. No

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