How Do You Make Braided Rugs Out Of Old Blue Jeans?

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1 Answer

Most of us have an old pair or two of blue jeans laying around that have long been retired yet still take up space in the closet. Instead of throwing them out, recycle them into a useful rug. Making a simple braided rug out of denim costs next to nothing, and it's the perfect craft to try out on a lazy afternoon. You will give new life to an old pair of jeans and get a funky piece of décor in the process. Cut blue jeans into long strips about 1 to 2 inches wide. Use as much of the denim as possible. Avoid lumpy seams and pockets, which will make your rug bunch. Join small strips together by cutting each end at a 45-degree angle. Sew the angled ends together. Take three denim strips of relatively equal length and stack them neatly together. Close a safety pin through all three strips near the top of one end to join them together. Lay the strips on a table or on the floor and anchor them by placing a paperweight or other heavy object on top of the safety pinned end. Braid the three ... more
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