How Do You Remove Algae Stains From A Concrete Pool?

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Algae stains on a concrete pool can be a disgusting mess. Algae grow in pools when certain conditions are present. For example, winds contribute to the production of algae. When the spores fall into the pool, the sunlight and temperature allows the algae to grow. The amount of chlorine that you add to your pool does not necessarily keep algae away. When you drain your pool, you can remove the algae stains from the concrete. Algae stain removers like Olympic Mildew Check, Mason Select Concrete Cleaner and 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner clean algae stains and some protect from future outbreaks. Purchase a new spray bottle or clean out an existing one thoroughly. Make sure that no other cleaner is present. Place a piece of masking tape on the bottle. Write "Algae Cleaner" on the masking tape using a permanent marker. Fill up half the bottle with the algae cleaner. This is only applicable if your cleaning product is a jug or bottle. Spray the algae product on the concrete. Start with a small ... more
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You will first want to make sure that the pool chemicals in your pool are balanced. You don't want to start cleaning you pool if you continue to have an algae problem. Treat it with an algaecide and then use a solution that is called "Vinyl and Tile Cleaner". They should remove the stains.

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