How Do You Remove Easter Egg Dye From Hands?

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1 Answer

How to remove Easter egg dye off of hands? Many children color eggs at Easter time using food colorings or dye. Cleaning up the mess is the hard part. The children always have Easter egg dye left on their hands. This article will give you steps to take to get most if not all of the Easter egg dye off of your hands and your children's hands. Make sure you wash your hands when you are all the way done coloring Easter eggs or you will just keep getting your hands colored. Have all of the children wet their colored hands down with warm water. If you were helping, you probably have Easter egg dye on your hands also and you can follow the steps to remove the Easter egg dye. Sprinkle a small handful of dry dishwasher soap on both hands. If you don't have dry dishwasher soap, use dry hand soap or comet cleaner. Add a little more warm water to the Easter egg colored hands. Rub hands together briskly for at least one minute to two minutes. Try to rub the soap all over every part of the colored ... more
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