How Do You Replace A U Joint In A Chevy Silverado?

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1 Answer

A Chevy Silverado's U-joint, also called a universal joint, links the drive shaft to the rear axle and is critical to turning the truck. If the U-joint needs replacing due to wear, rust or lack of fluid, you must remove the drive shaft first. The joint consists of a "cross" held in place within the U-joint yoke by bearing caps. Changing a U-joint should only be done by someone with expert knowledge of their Silverado truck. Raise the rear of the Silverado and support it on jack stands. Make sure the parking brake is off and the transmission is in neutral. Place blocks in front of the front wheels. Place reference marks with chalk or water-soluble paint on the drive shaft to indicate its position and relationship with the pinion flange. This will help you in the reinstalling process. On a 4-wheel-drive truck, mark the U-joint's relationship to the companion flange connecting the shaft to the transfer case. Remove the drive shaft from the truck. Disconnect the U-joint's bolts and ... more
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