How Do You Save An Almost Dead Japanese Maple Tree?

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1 Answer

Few things are more striking in a home landscape than a healthy, bright-red Japanese maple. These ornamental maples are prized for their foliage, diminutive size and value as a focal point for garden plantings. Japanese maples may look delicate, with their lacy, red leaves and twisting branches, but they're actually pretty resilient. If your tree is nearly dead, you must quickly diagnose the problem and address it. Look for leaf scorch, which makes the tips of leaves curl and turn brown and will eventually kill the tree. Place taller plantings nearby if that is the case, to prevent the Japanese maple from receiving too much full sun each day. Dappled light is best. Turn over leaves and check their undersides for insects like aphids, which love to chew on Japanese maples. If you find them, spray the leaves with a spray bottle full of water mixed with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to deter them. Reapply this mixture after a heavy rain. Check the soil conditions and make sure the ... more
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