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how does food chain, food web, and trophic level deal with each other

Whitney spatz Posted

how does food chain, food web, and trophic level deal with each other

suresh k

Every organism in an ecosystem occupies a specific trophic level based on their nutrition.In an ecosystem one organism is prey and also predator which are linked in food chain. In nature food chains are not autonomous every food chain is linked to other food chains which form food web. 

Rohit Agrawal
  1. actually food chain is just imaginary concept ..
  2. only it is for understanding …
  3. food web is a group of food chain working simultanously.
  4. trophic level 1 that is producer`s available food that is NPP consumed by the organism at trophic level 2 .
  5. an ecosytem is more stable if it has more complex food web because let if an species of trophic level 2 is extinct then what will hjappen of next trophic level so in food web one an organism not depends only on single organism or species …
  6. and in case of theortical concept food chain in terestial system detritios food chain is more stable 
  7. in aquatic ecosyustem grazing food chain is more stable….
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