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How does Online Bill Pay work for joint account holders?

account HOLDERS Joint online pay

To have a joint membership, both members must be joint signers on a checking account. Each member needs a unique password and user ID.


Your online bill pay account will have only one Username and Password to access it. However, both account holders will be associated with that one bill pay account so both individuals may use it. • When does Norbel Credit Union take the money out of my checking account? The business day the payment is processed on the online bill pay system. • Can I obtain the cancelled checks or proof of payment? Yes, once the check has cleared, Norbel accounting department can print a copy of the check. • What happens if Norbel Credit Union does not properly complete a bill payment on time or in the correct amount? Norbel will do any and all research. We’ll be responsible for any error made directly by the credit union. However, Norbel isn’t liable for member errors or missed deadlines caused by the member resulting in any fees and/or services charges. • Can I stop payments? You can cancel a payment that has been scheduled, but not yet disbursed. Stop payments can only be done on the check payment me

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