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How is the Ipad going to change the future for computers?

Computers future going ipad
Dave Young Posted

How is the Ipad going to change the future for computers?


The Ipad is going to drastically change the way that people use computers. Magazines and newspapera are already switching over to an Ipad-friendly format, hopefully making up for lost subscribers and ad revenue. Many PC users who have resisted buying an Ipod or other Apple device seem to be getting sucked into all of the hype surrounded the Ipad. Pretty soon other manufacturers will be jumping on the touch-screen bandwagon and normal computers (desk tops and notebooks) may be slowed phased out.

Diana Kindron


The iPad is a game-changer, and ultimately the everyday-user replacement for the laptop, simply because it is a device that can do seemingly everything, for everyone.  The iPad dulls the line between laptop and desktop computer.
Much like the iPod was a game-changer nearly a decade ago, the iPad fills a need people didn’t even know they had.  The iPad can do everything a mobile phone can do, and many of the things a laptop can do (and can perform nearly every task casual laptop users need).  
iPad users can search the Internet at impressive speeds (barring Adobe Flash content), and remain connected to their friends via Facebook and Twitter with the swipe of a finger across the iPad’s impressive and responsive touch screen.  iPad users can watch full-length movies, look through an old photo album, or even complete word processing tasks.  
Everyday consumers looking for a light, relatively affordable way to stay connected and have a semblance of productivity on the road are also attracted to the iPad because it is substantially lighter than most laptop computers.
Apple creates products people crave.  This is due to functionality, of course, but is also largely in part to a passionate, ever-expanding fan base, rampant online speculation about the latest products, and savvy marketing.  
The iPad has dulled the line between laptop and desktop computer, and redefined the idea of mobile computing.  The constant connectivity (with the 3G iPad and service from AT&T) and seemingly endless supply of apps makes the iPad an ample replacement for a laptop in a smaller package.

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