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How much caffeine is there in coffee syrup?

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How much caffeine is there in coffee syrup?


It depends on the specific manufacturer or producer of the coffee syrup brand as to how much caffeine it contains.

We contacted Torani which is one of the most popular syrup manufacturers and their Coffee Syrup product does NOT have any caffeine according to their representatives from the website at Phone: 855-972-0500 (Toll-Free). 

(this is for the coffee syrup product here –

Other manufacturers we have from other sources but have not contacted representatives had the following amounts:

  • Autocrat Coffee Syrup – one serving which is 2 Tablespoons (1fl oz) contains 14mg of caffeine.
  • Eclipse Coffee Syrup – one serving is 2 Tablespoons (1fl oz) and contains 21mg of caffeine.
  • Coffee Time Coffee Syrup – one serving is 2 Tablespoons (1fl oz) and contains 21mg of caffeine.

A coffee lover is someone who loves the taste of coffee. Coffee is made from roasted seeds, and a single cup of good-quality coffee contains approximately 50 milligrams of caffeine. As a coffee lover, I really like to buy coffee online at that is a trusted platform to buy coffee beans.


I think it all depends on the brand of coffee syrup, so you should carefully read the composition of what is included in a particular syrup. Usually, when I make this kind of coffee at home with the best coffee makers with grinder that I was given, I take the best syrups in terms of composition. I like the syrup with hazelnuts because it provides the coffee with a rich flavor. In general, I really like the taste of hazelnuts in whatever dishes or goodies they are. I would recommend that you also try this flavor if you have never tried it before.


Coffee milk syrup does contain traces of caffeine from the coffee extract that’s added to high fructose corn syrup and caramel color. But given that your average cup of joe has 95 milligrams of caffeine, you’d have to drink about seven cups of coffee milk to get the same buzz. So, do you make some coffee jokes with your friends? Something like What do you call sad coffee? Despresso. Or why are Italians so good at making coffee? Because they know how to espresso themselves. I know a lot of jokes about coffee and I like it.


Autocrat one serving with 2 Tablespoons (1fl oz)=14mg. Eclipse one serving with 2 Tablespoons (1fl oz)=21mg. Coffee time one serving with 2 Tablespoons (1fl oz)=21mg.

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