How much do follicles grow each day? Follicles grow one to two mm a day while taking vulatory stimulants and after the hCG injection.

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Will smaller follicles ‘catch up’ in time to release eggs? Follicles generally need to be at least 18-20 mm to contain mature eggs. If the smaller follicles are close in size to the lead follicle, they may ‘catch up’ and release. hCG will usually result in most mature follicles releasing eggs. Otherwise, it is likely only the lead follicle will ovulate. How long after the hCG injection does ovulation occur and how do we know? Ovulation occurs 36-40 hours after the hCG injection. We know this from IVF observation. Eggs will release in this time frame if they have not been retrieved. How long do sperm live after timed intercourse or after IUI? Normal, healthy sperm live approximately 48-72 hours. We do know that washed sperm can survive in the IVF incubator for up to 72 hours. That would be considered the upper practical limit.
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