How much does it cost to build a 3000 sq ft house, not including buying the property?

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This two story, 4BR 2.5 BA house with partly finished walkout basement was built in southern Indiana, with contractor grade windows, 2x6 framed walls and brick veneer. We used a general contractor, but had to do a lot of oversight ourselves to make sure things got done right. The finished square footage was (from memory) 3,150 s.f. The project took 7 months. I laid wood floors and my family and I did all the interior painting, so that much labor is not included in the cost. I got my plans from the HSH website. Let me know if you want any more specific details. Sources: http://homeplans.hsh.com/aboutsearch. more
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I work with builders and developers in Mississippi and the average cost per square foot to build a house is $80 to $100 per square foot. If you get fancy with your materials, it could cost more, of course, but this is basic house costs. more
listen i've been doing this a long time and i'm telling you you CAN do it cheap but it will look it, that said you can $100 dollar yourself to death because thats just a hundred or so dollars more lets do it. Be practical stick rock solid to a budget don't be swayed from it no matter what. You can save lots of money by going siding instead of brick and carpet or laminet instead of hardwood or ceramic. you could build it as low as $70 p/sq/ft with a GOOD builder and get a nice home but you won't build it for $50 or $60 p/sq/ft and like the outcome. i just finished one $125 p/sq/ft did my self and there is nothing i left out. more

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