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How much money can you make with experts123?

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Matt Harding Posted

How much money can you make with experts123?

Amy Turman

The amount of money you make at Experts123 is endless–there is no upper limit. You can earn revenue through multiple opportunities:

1. If you are writing RSA articles (assignments in the Expertise Column are RSAs), revenue is dependent on the traffic your articles get.  The more articles you write, the more traffic you will get. Also, if you maintain a consistently good quality of your articles, you will gain a following of people and consistent traffic. You can also earn money this way from RSQ, where you submit an answer to one of the $Open questions, and gain revenue through traffic.

2. If you are writing extraordinary RSA articles, you can be promoted to WFH articles. A WFH assignment is on a constant pay-per-article basis. Basically, you will receive $10-$20 for every WFH article you write. The guidelines are a little more strict for these since they are usually for an outside client.

If you feel like you should be promoted to WFH status and the editors haven’t recognized it, email, or click the feedback button along the right hand margin. Only inquire about this if you have written consistently good RSA articles first.

For more information visit the Assignments FAQ.


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