How secure is my data (text chat, voice, login, etc.) in Second Life?

chat Data life LOGIN Secure text Voice

Linden Lab does not distribute account information, per our Terms of Service. Regarding login, the Second Life Viewer login uses password-only authentication over an encrypted secure HTTP connection. We do not have access to your password itself. The Second Life Viewer provides a connection to Second Life that does not compromise your computer’s security. Text chat and voice chat are not currently encrypted. We keep chat logs for less than two weeks and voice is not saved by our servers. Linden Lab’s servers reside in secure hosted facilities. It is impossible to impersonate other clients or accounts, and we restrict multiple concurrent logins for the same account. Your work environment runs on servers hosted specifically for Linden Lab, as do all backbone data services, including inventory, server logs, communication, and other content. One item of note: Linden Lab employees can go anywhere within Second Life, including your region. However, we make every effort to only enter your reg

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