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How to deal with migraine headaches?

June Manning Posted

How do you get rid of a migraine really fast?

AnnetFowler Kallykally777@gmail.com135

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Milley Milley edited answer

It’s really not so easy. A migraine stroke can last from 2 hours to 2 days. I struggle with migraines and it’s an awful feeling. Nothing helps me when I already have it. That’s why I try to prevent an attack by following a diet, a sleep schedule, exercising, and a regime. I also always have an emergency pill with me – I’m prescribed to take Rizatriptan as soon as an aura appears. I take generic from the online pharmacy. It sometimes helps if I take it on time. If not, and a headache appears, the only ways to “survive” is to go to bed, get rid of any light and noise, and weight…

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