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How to start a first date?

taylor smith Posted

How to start a first date?

daniel Brown

Before asking for a first date you should make your contact so strong that the person can not refuse the proposal. Do not mislead any one just be confident about the date and arrange a nice date. Try to make the atmosphere so positive and lively so that she can make herself comfortable with you. You can go for a dinner , movie or some musical concert for the First Date. This will help you to get to know about each other.

Haley Mariano

Make it casual and yet fun.  Do not head to movies or a fancy dinner on the first date.  Movies can be a bit akward since it doesn’t really allow to contect with the other person.  A fancy dinner can come off as a bit intimidating to the other person.  Also, if you pick an expensive places to eat it sets a standard.  So the next time the other person will expect you to take them some place of the same value.  By picking something low-key as a test how the other person is.  


Some ideas:

Ice skating, mini golf, lunch, art meusem, coffee, icecream, bowling etc. 


Hope this helps!!! Have fun and be yourself. 🙂

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