How to write a school principal a letter to request my son to be moved to another class?

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1 Answer

I suggest going in to talk to the principal instead of writing a letter. A letter may end up on the bottom of a huge pile of work administrators have and he/she may not get to it for days. Also, anything in writing could be misinterpreted. If you have a face to face meeting, you can make sure the principal understands your concerns correctly and you can come up with solutions right away instead of having to wait for a reply over the phone. When you explain your concerns, make sure you have specific examples to use (with dates if possible) and remain calm and respectful. Try to avoid becoming defensive too quickly if the principal tries defending the teacher (the teacher is the principal's employee after all). Try to project the image that you don't have a personal problem with the teacher but that you're merely trying to do what's best for your son and you're open to any suggestions to fixing the situation. Maybe the principal will help you see that your concerns are unwarranted ( ... more
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