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How will the EFF take into account the specific handicaps of the outermost regions?


Outermost regions will benefit from the highest co-financing rate under the EFF of up to 85% of Community contribution to public expenditure, regardless of their classification as convergence or non-convergence region. Moreover, for all measures, higher intensity rates for public support will be granted than for other regions.In addition, for investments on board small-scale fishing vessels – the predominant category in the outermost regions – the private financial contribution is reduced by 20%. In general, all the specific measures foreseen for small-scale coastal fisheries, such as the diversification of activities to promote multiple jobs, up-grading of professional skills and training in general, or socio-economic compensation measures for fishermen in case of scrapping will be of particular benefit for the outermost regions with a high share of small-scale coastal fishing.Such a treatment across the board recognises the special status of the outermost regions and takes into accou

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