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I have tried to access myBanner Self-Service account, but for the life of me I just cannot remember my PIN. Whom should I call?


Oh me, this always seems to happen especially during the busiest of times. Here is what we suggest. First off, remember that your Faculty ID is sometimes referred to as your “A” number standing for “Alternate” ID. If your really stumped, your SSN will continue to work. Be sure you enter the number correctly. Next, unless you have changed your PIN using the “Change PIN” feature located under the “Personal Services” menu, your PIN is the number you entered when you were prompted to enter a new PIN when you originally signed on to Self-Service. The PIN is a number, which is six digits in length and does not contain any special characters such as… ” _ ) ( * & ^ % $ # @ + | } { [ ] or any alphabetic characters. If you continue to have problems with your Faculty-ID PIN combination, please contact Charger Central for assistance.. The Charger Central personnel wont be the folks actually resetting your PIN, but they will refer you to the persons who will be helping you. Be sure to leave your

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