I just inherited a house and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling it through an agent.

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Bradley Layne

What are my options?

Karen Montgomery

I’ve been there! I also didn’t want to deal with an agent when selling my house. And there are a few other options you can consider.

First, you can try selling the house “for sale by owner” (FSBO). This means you’ll handle the entire selling process yourself, from advertising to negotiating the price and closing the deal. As you can imagine, this will take a lot of work, but it gives you more control over the sales process — and it may help you get more for the house. If only because this means you won’t have to split the sale price with anyone.

Another option is to sell your house to a real estate investor or a cash buyer. These buyers are usually looking to purchase properties quickly, often without needing to view them in person. While you might not get top dollar, you can avoid the hassle of preparing the house for sale and dealing with lengthy negotiations.

I ended up learning a lot about those cash buyers when I was looking for a mortgage relief program in Nashville. These companies will often buy properties that no one else would touch; you can learn more at https://favorhomesolutions.com/mortgage-relief-program-Nashville/.

These are the two biggest options. You can also look into different types of real estate agents, as there is a lot of variation in that market. You might find an agent you like.