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I significantly earn less than my ex. Will this affect our battle for child custody?

Mike Gurley12 Posted

Will I possibly lose my child?

Jess Morris5

Either partner’s income isn’t the sole factor for determining who gets custody, even if it’s one of the considerations. Ideally, the judges would want to see custody shared so that children could spend time with both parents unless this setup can be extremely harmful to the child. If you’re not earning enough but have proven yourself to be a worthy guardian, the judge could order your ex-spouse to pay for child support.

Other factors that affect custody are the relationship of the child to each parent, who is the primary caregiver up until the point of divorce, the physical and mental status of each parent and child, the living accommodations, and if there’s any history of abuse. The courts will weigh all of these factors to decide the best custody arrangement for your child. While a child’s wishes may also be considered, they might not hold much weight unless there’s a minor’s counsel present. Visit to work with an unbiased child lawyer who will advocate for your child’s best interest.

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