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If money was no object, what would you do all day?

M Freeman Posted

If money was no object, what would you do all day?


This relates to the sons and daughters of rich people who have abundant money. The children are provided with all sorts of luxuries and they cannot imagine as to how some people live in the world without even a single penny. 

Money is required and without money noone can survive in this world and money buys all items which are required by individuals. 

Read the following information:

Money can buy you bed and not sleep

Money can buy you food and not appetite

Money can buy you books and not knowledge

In order to have a good sleep, the individual needs to do some physical work and at least he has to walk for a distance during morning and evening hours so that he gets appetite and an eagerness to taste the food available to him and he gets a comfortable sleep during the night

Books may be with us; however, unless we take steps to read those books, we may not acquire knowledge. 

The above are just illustrative and not exhaustive

In a nutshell, by nature, all living beings are in a position to do some activity and those who do not have money they perform the activity primarily for money and those who have money, they do the activity for good health, charity, fame and status




Trina Good

Travel the world and give charity. 



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