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Is a loft conversion really worth it?

Home Improvement

What are some uses of a loft? Can you suggest some creative ways to utilise a loft space?


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There are many things for you to consider when deciding on whether to push through with the loft conversion or not. 

Aside from the financial aspect of a loft conversion, there are many other ‘costs’ associated to a loft conversion and these costs also need to be factored in when doing a cost-benefit analysis. You have to have enough room on the floor below because a loft conversion means also building a staircase. You will also have to make sure that the steelwork or the joists are strong and durable enough to support the loft. Lastly, your loft will need enough head room. These things are some of the essentials and if any one of these is missing or insufficient, constructing a loft might be extra complicated.

But on the plus side, having a loft has its many benefits as well. You can turn your loft space into a library, a home office, a meditation room, a craft room, or even a playroom for your kids—the possibilities are endless. 

If you want to know if loft conversion is truly something that is suited for your property, you can click here to consult with the extension builders in Sunbury.

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