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Looking for a restaurant that serves seafood and vegetarian cuisine—preferably one that also offers home delivery.

Mike Gurley10

Do you have a specific type of food you’d like to order? Chinese? Italian? If you’re still deciding what category of dishes to get, you might want to consider Lebanese food. Some really good restaurants in London serve authentic Lebanese dishes. For one, there’s Ruba Restaurant that offers a wide selection of meals that of course includes seafood and vegetarian dishes. 

For fish and seafood, some of the items on their menu are: (1) marinated and grilled king prawn, (2) mixed fish—a combination of salmon and cod, (3) grilled or baked sea bass fillets. The king prawn and mixed fish feature the rich and flavorful taste of their bell pepper sauce. They also come with saffron rice. The sea bass menu is served with another of their specialty sauces, along with a side of mixed vegetables. 

Here are some of their vegetarian options: falafel (croquettes made of bean and chickpeas), muhammara (mixed Mediterranean nuts), their in-house specialty salads, and a whole lot more. 

To place an order, you can visit their website,, or book through other online food delivery platforms that offer Ruba Restaurant and other restaurant Teddington food establishments. 

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