On my icicle lights, SECTIONS have gone out, but not the whole string. How do I fix the sections that are out?

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There are a couple of questions I need to ask...is the string the type where you pull out one bulb and the entire string goes out? The bulbs are connected in series and if one burns out, then it breaks the circuit. If so then it would be odd that the bulbs would be out in the middle. There have been instances where a bulb burns out but the circuit is still connected and therefore it's only that one light that's out. If you have tested these bulbs and they are good, then it can only be in the wiring. I once had 5 bulbs out in the middle and it happened that the bulbs were burned out but the circuit wasn't broken. I can see a scenario where a group of lights in the middle of a string are not working but only in cases where you have more then two wires coming off the plug that goes into the wall. That means you have multiple circuits running through that one line. Best advice I can give is...these things can be a fire hazard especially when they are old or wiring that may be damaged. ... more
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