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Should I choose it

Natali Demon0 Posted

I wear an informal hairstyle. But I got a job as a teacher recently. Do you think I should change this?


In parallel with the state-regulated hairstyles, there were hairstyles voluntarily chosen by citizens belonging to certain social groups. Athletes preferred short hair and haircuts for boxing or semi-boxing. Nerds-honors, striving to make a career, sported a strict business hairstyle “youth”. The hippies who joined the movement grew long, straight hair in the style of John Lennon’s hairstyles.


Definitely, the teacher should look beautiful, stylish and well-groomed. You should be an example for your students. I think that your haircut should be beautiful, elegant, but suitable for you. I would like to advise you to find beautiful short haircuts for men . There some haircuts here which can be good for you. I hope you will looks good

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