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Should I use a travel agent book online or book directly with the CLine for my next cruise?

Emma Smith Posted

Should I use a travel agent book online or book directly with the CLine for my next cruise?

Max Ortega

Hi there,

It depends on your choice; however, in my view a cruise is not a commodity product. If you do know the name of the cruise line and ship you want, then by all means, search every method you can to find the lowest possible price.

Booking directly with the cruise line or finding a travel agent with a lower price, go for the lowest price. Most cruise lines accept direct bookings like where they provide amazing facilities to their customers at reasonable costs.  You can check them out too.


Hello Emma,

There are advantages to both. These days booking directly through the cruise line is made very easy with their user friendly websites, and if you want to dedicate time to finding out specifics on the different ships, what the cruise includes (and just as importantly what they do not include), and the details on what the best excursions are, then there are many online resources for you. is my recommended choice for just about any cruise question you could think of.

On the other hand booking through an agency does give that human touch. They are often charging no more than it would be to book direct, and can offer personalized advice based on the feedback they have gotten from other customers. Sometimes they even offer special discounts on the extras and upgrades. Agencies get these as rewards from the cruise lines and then pass them down to their customers.

Considering that it costs about the same either way, choosing a travel agency for the service is not a bad option. The one downside to agencies is that they sometimes promise more than what can actually be delivered. As someone who works for a tour operator in Alaska, my least favorite five words to hear are “My travel agent told me” followed by a completely false statement. Travel agents are still sales people, and they want to paint the picture of a utopia vacation experience. In the process they don’t always get the facts straight.

Let me know if you have any more cruising questions or travel agent questions. I hope this helps, but I am happy to give a more personalized answer for you if I know some more information about your upcoming trip.

Bon Voyage.


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