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What are causes of Erectile Dysfunction?


What are causes of Erectile Dysfunction?


The causes of erectile dysfunction don’t have to destroy or eradicate sex or the enjoyment of it from your life. One should take solace in the numerous creature comforts that technology, science and modern day medicine have procured.

It is thanks to the diligence of mankind and our constant pursuit of perfection through innovation that we have derived realistic methods of treatment for all that can cause erectile dysfunction.

So before you give up on ever enjoying sex again, make sure that you read this article. There are methods of affordably and realistically treating the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Top Five Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
Are you aware of the top leading erectile dysfunction cause? Do you know if you are suffering as a result of all that can cause erectile dysfunction that could be related to your lifestyle, diet or even mentality?

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is getting older. As we grow older and age, our bodies simply become less dependable and less capable of performing seemingly simple functions.

Aside from the aging process, the other four top causes of erectile dysfunction include: diet or obesity, smoking, drinking, drug abuse and diseases. Are any of these associated with your lifestyle?

Who Suffers from the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?
Any man who is between the ages of eighteen or older can suffer from the erectile dysfunction cause; while it is generally limited to adult males who are over the age of thirty-five, it can cause erectile dysfunction on various phases on different men from all walks of life.

In case you are wondering how many men suffer from these causes of erectile dysfunction, it is estimated that in the US alone the numbers have exceeded 30 million adult males.

Using Drugs to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Cause
A very common method of treating the cause of erectile dysfunction is to talk to your doctor about prescription drugs. There are several drug makers that have developed and tested drugs to treat the factors that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Like any other drug, you will need a prescription to use them. Of course, make sure that you ask about associated risks and side effects, interactions and adverse reactions so that you know what you are getting into with drugs for ED. Drugs also are a costly option for treating erectile dysfunction.

Alternative Methods to Treat the Factors that can Cause Erectile Dysfunction
You can also look into natural treatments for the erectile dysfunction cause. The most popular are doctor approved supplements called: natural male enhancement pills. They do not require a prescription, as they only use natural ingredients. Most men prefer them because they are more affordable than drugs, and unlike drugs, they have no documented side effects.


Medical Conditions Medical conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction (ED) include nerve or tissue damage to the penis, diabetes, heart or kidney disease or multiple sclerosis. ED can also be a side effect of some medications. Lifestyle Choices Sometimes, the way you live your life can affect your ability to maintain an erection. Alcoholism, smoking, being overweight and avoiding exercise can cause erectile dysfunction. Psychological Factors Psychological factors such as stress, depression, low self-esteem and feelings of guilt can hinder your ability to have and maintain an erection.

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