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What are some factors involved in determining postage cost?


Naturally, one of the most important factors that determine postage cost is weight. It is pretty standard across the industry that the heavier your postage is, the more it’ll cost. Secondly, dimension also plays a huge role in determining cost.¬†

In fact, some postal services actually have size restrictions for the packages they deliver, so not only does dimension determine pricing it also determines whether or not the shipment will be possible in the first place.

Additionally, target destination is another important factor to consider. Obviously, sending a postage to a domestic location will most likely not be as expensive as sending to an international location. Usually, the farther the target destination the more expensive the cost will be. 

Lastly, a postage calculator also takes into consideration  packaging type, service level, preferred speed, additional services and many more. Feel free to check out this resources for more info: 

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