What are some quiet games to play with my preschool class?

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1 Answer

Heads Up Seven Up. You choose 7 kids in the class to be the "thumb pressers", then tell everyone else in the class to put there heads down on the desk, close their eyes, and put their thumbs up(like the thumbs up sign), then the 7 you choose push on on of the kids thumbs signaling that they chose them, and the person chosen then puts his thumb down. After all 7 have chosen someone, you tell them to go back to the front of the class, and everyone else opens their eyes and you tell the seven people that got chosen from the 7 "taggers" to stand up. Then one by one the people chose try to guess which of the 7 "taggers" chose them. If they get it right they switch with them, and if they get it wrong that person remains a tagger, until he is correctly chosen. more
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