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What are the easy and fast ways to loose weight?

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What are the easy and fast ways to loose weight?


I know this isn’t much of an answer or I’ll sound like ‘mom’, but losing weight really fast isn’t healthy. Quick fixes never work. People who lose it very fast most likely end up gaining it back quicker, maybe even gaining more than they lost, or end up with bad health problems. My mom used to go to a dietician and she said losing more than 2-3 pounds a week isn’t healthy. I’ve known quite a few girls who tried to lose weight in bad ways and quickly; it either never worked or they ended up screwed (health problems and sickness). Don’t take pills, that’s the worst thing you can do; a friend of mine did and ended up in hospital in sickness. Those pill commercials are laughable; you don’t just take those pills and magically look like those models. And the slower you lose weight, the longer it will stay off. It really had to be a lifestyle for it to work; not this ‘I’ll go on a diet for a month, lose 20 pounds, and voila! Problem solved’. Anyone can really ‘lose weight’ but it’s the issue


All these quick and easy ways to lose weight are often cheating or just harm your health. You should understand that most often, you gained extra pounds for months or years, and the reverse process can not be very fast.
I always recommend safe strategies such as:
– sports
– diet
– correct restrictions
– supplements/vitamins

This is what worked best for me. As for supplements or vitamins, you can use just good packs of vitamins with sports nutrition. Also, read this plants not pills review, maybe some CBD products will also help you in achieving your goal

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