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What are the hidden costs of selling a house?

Real Estate

There are quite a few hidden costs that can sneak up on you when selling a house. For starters, you might have to deal with repairs. When I sold my last house, I discovered issues during the inspection that I had to fix to move forward with the sale. These weren’t just cosmetic fixes either; we’re talking about things like plumbing and electrical work that can really add up.

Although to be fair, there are ways around that. You can decide not to sell. Or you can sell the house as-is to a home-buying company, which is what I did when I was trying to sell my house fast in Charlotte.

Then there’s staging. You want your home to look its best, right? Renting furniture and paying for a professional stager can help you sell your place, but it isn’t cheap. Plus, there are the closing costs, which include agent commissions, taxes, and fees. These can total up to 6-10% of the selling price.

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