What Does a Haiku Poem Look Like?

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Explain how a Haiku poem works, showing the child how many syllables are designated for each line. All Haiku poems follow this pattern: • First Line: Five syllables • Second Line: Seven syllables • Last Line: Five syllables Many children need to see an actual haiku poem before writing one. You’ll want to create a haiku yourself, showing the chil how you figure out the syllables and words. Leave your example poem up for the children to use as a model. Best summer beach days Popsicles, bathing suits, waves Sand in my sandwich Help the Child Brainstorm Have the child write out a list of possible topics. Once the child has a list of topics, help the child choose one. Next have the child write out words that freely come to mind in relation to the topic chosen. For example, in the haiku above, the child may have chosen “beach” as the topic word. You could have the child write free-association words in a list, some of which might be summer, best days of my life, popsicles, ice cream ...
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